We are the reputed manufacturer and exporters of comprehensive range of Orthopedic Implants and Instruments like bone screws, plates & taps, hip prosthesis, locking implants and external fixators.
Surgical Instruments
Bone Screws Orthopaedic Implants
Orthopedic External Fixator
Orthopedic Wire & Pins
Cannulated and Surgical Screws
Orthopedic Cancellous Screw
Large Orthopedic Cannulated Instruments
Instruments for Kuntcscher Nails
Instruments For Femoral Head
DHS - DCS Instruments
Orthopedic Mini Fragment Implants
Orthopedic Small Fragment Implants
DHS And DCS Implants
Orthopedic Locking Implants
Interlocking Nails
Interlocking Plate
Drill Bits and Bone Taps
Hip Prosthesis
Orthopedic Containers
Orthopedic Tubular Clamps
Locking Compression Plates
Orthopedic Equipments
Locking Bolts Self Tapping
Bone Cutter
Orthopedic Screw Forceps Holding
Cervical Cage
Instruments for Plaster Cutting
Orthopedic Screw
Orthopedic Screw Box
Orthopedic Transverse Clamp
Orthopedic Spoon Plate Instrument
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